Updates, Remodels, Costs! What Gives the Most Bang for the Buck?

toolboxThinking of Selling and Wondering What Updates Would Help?

In the many homes I've shown sold and previewed, I always find it interesting to see what, if any, updates the owners have done. There are many opinions about what "should" be done and how much updates cost, but the really important piece of information is what is the homeowners Return on Investment (ROI). While I'm not certain I agree with the estimated costs in this article by Melissa Dittman Tracey of REALTOR(R) Magazine, I do think that the ROI's will give you the Homeowner or Seller or even you the Buyer a perspective in pricing or offering price. And if a home … Continue Reading ››
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Does Curb Appeal Still Count?

You bet it does! What do you do when you drive by a home with a yard that looks like the owners don't care?  And when you are looking for a home to buy, what do you think? Do you go in or drive by? If you go in, what are you thinking about the Asking Price? How does the outside appearance affect your thoughts?
Here's a great pictorial article from ThisOldHouse.com, a great "idea" website.

Curb Appeal Boosts for Every Budget

Making your house the stunner on the street doesn't have to break you or the bank

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To Inspect or Not to Inspect THAT is the Question!

The answer is INSPECT!

I was talking with a good friend of mine today. She is a senior agent with over 25 years in the biz. She is working with a buyer in the $300-40homeinspection0K market in Fairfax County. They wrote an offer an a sweet condo with an escalation clause. But they lost it not because  of the money. No! They lost it because of the Home Inspection! Oh my gosh! It's 2005 again!  Well, no, it's 2013 and the market in Northern Virginia was hit and is recovering.  But the inventory is quite low and it's making some buyers, and possibly some agents, react without their own best interests in … Continue Reading ››
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